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Q & A's | Performance Talks

Coming to see a production at the Norwich Theatre Royal? Would you like to find out what was going on in the background to get the show running? Or how the actors have developed their performances over the years and add additional insight into a performance and what goes on behind the scenes at a performance.

Our sessions are designed to give everyone a better understanding of how producers, actors and technical teams transform ideas into reality.

Delivered either by the Show's Director, some of the Actors, or by one of Education Team are the ideal pre-performance or post-performance reflection on page to stagem, it is a rare chance to get an glimpse into the world of creative arts!

Information on the Q&A's and Performance Talks can be found on the 'related events' tab on all show details pages.

Please Note: All Q&A Sessions will be held in the Front Stalls of the Theatre Royal Auditorium, 5-10 minutes after curtain-down, the session should last approximately 20mins and are FREE but attendees must have ticket for the production. (Any changes to the above will be noted in the session details below.)

Upcoming Sessions

Northern Ballet's Casanova
Pre-Performance Talk

Wednesday 5th April 2017
Running Time: 6.30pm - 7.00pm
Venue: NTR, The Targetfollow Room
Cost: This event is free but it is ticketed and places are limited so must be booked in advance.
Please order your tickets through Box Office 01603 630000 or NTR Education Department 01603 598623.

The Woman in Black
Post Performance (7.30pm performance) Q&A

Date: Thursday 20th April 2017

Running Wild

Post Matinee Q&A

Date: Thursday 27th April 2017

Romeo & Juliet | Twelfth Night

Post Matinee Q&A

Date: Thursday 8th June 2017

Post Evening Q&A (with Cast & Company)

Date: Friday 9th June 2017

Fantastic Mr Fox

Post Matinee Q&A (with Cast & Company)

Date: Thursday 22nd June 2017

Gangsta Granny

Post Matinee Q&A (with Cast & Company)

Date: Thursday 13th July 2017

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

Post Matinee Q&A

Date: Wednesday 30th August 2017