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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who runs the Theatre Royal Jackpot?

The Theatre Royal Jackpot is an official lottery product from Norwich City Football Club. It is advertised by Norwich Theatre Royal, but Norwich City Football Club holds the licence to operate the lottery.

Can I join if I already belong to the Academy Jackpot?

Yes, you can belong to both but you aren’t able to cancel your current Academy Jackpot membership and replace with Norwich Theatre Royal membership.

Why does Norwich Theatre Royal have a lottery?

Norwich Theatre Royal is a charity and we fundraise each year to be able to continue to develop and work with the wider community. We work with 73% of Norfolk schools and 18,000 children and young people. We are expanding this work across Norfolk. All proceeds from the Theatre Royal Jackpot contribute towards maintaining and growing this work.

How likely is it that I will win a prize?

The odds of winning a monthly prize will vary depending on how many people are signed up as Jackpot players.  The first players to sign up will stand a very good chance of winning a monthly prize over the first few months.  The odds of winning one of the two yearly draws of £15,000 are longer – currently, there are about 5,000 players registered, and each has an equal chance of winning.

Will my details be passed onto Norwich City Football Club, and will I be sent marketing material?

The theatre will pass Norwich City Football Club your details so that you can be entered into the lottery and your membership processed, allocate your numbers and ensure you are entered into each draw. On the sign-up form, you have the option to receive additional information from Norwich City Football Club.

How can I pay for the Theatre Royal Jackpot?

You can pay for the lottery by direct debit, or make an annual payment by credit card or cheque. Forms are available online, in the Box Office foyer or from the Development department (01603 598556).
All forms should be returned to Norwich Theatre Royal, NR2 1RL.

What is the minimum age for entering?

The minimum age of joining the Theatre Royal Jackpot is 16. This is the minimum age for joining a lottery in the UK.

Is there any exclusion for entering?

There are no exclusions other than the minimum joining age of 16.

How often are prize draws made and what prizes are available?

The 2 main Jackpot Prize draws will be made twice a year – December and June each year. In addition monthly prize draws take place. The available prizes are:
  • 2 x £15,000 annual prize draws
  • Monthly draw top prize of £1,000
  • 10 x monthly prizes of £100
  • 10 x monthly £50 Theatre Royal vouchers
  • Two top price tickets to a show of your choice (subject to availability)

If I win the Theatre Royal Jackpot, how will I be notified and when will my prize be given to me?

If you win, you will be notified by a letter. For monetary prizes, you will not have to claim, the prize will be sent to you. If the prize consists of show tickets, the player will receive a courtesy call if they have not replied within a week.

Do I have to appear on the Norwich City Football Club’s website if I win?

Norwich City Football Club and Norwich Theatre Royal will publish the names of winners on their websites, and additional publicity (including photographs) for the winners of the two yearly draws, but no other personal details are released. If you wish to remain anonymous your name will not be published.

Can I join the lottery if I have never been to the theatre?

Provided that you are over 16, anyone is welcome to join the Theatre Royal Jackpot, regardless of whether or not you use the theatre’s facilities.

Do I get a discounted joining fee if I am a Friend of the theatre?

Unfortunately there are no discounts available for Friends of the theatre, as this is a separate scheme operated in conjunction with Norwich City Football Club. It does not alter your Friends benefits.

Can I Gift Aid my contribution?

The Theatre Royal Jackpot fee does contribute towards our charitable work but does not constitute a donation. For this reason, it is not eligible for Gift Aid.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Annual payers will be contacted with a letter near to the expiration time of their membership. If you do not wish to renew, the membership will expire and you do not need to cancel it. If you pay by direct debit, please notify us at your earliest convenience. The direct debit will need to be cancelled 10 days before the next due payment in order to stop it being processed by Norwich City Football Club. The player will also be removed from the draw.