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A Guide to Visiting the Theatre

General Information

It's normally easiest to talk to us on the phone to book your tickets, so that we can ensure we have all the details and provide the right advice. Please call our Box Office on 01603 630000.

The following guides contain general information for visiting the Theatre Royal with a school group:-

Order Forms for Drinks & Ices

Click the form images below to download a .PDF version of the order form that can be printed or email to the Theatre Royal Norwich.

Ice Cream Order Form

Drinks Order Form

Guides to Attending Specific Types of Performances

The following guides are for specific types of performance:-

Information for Children from Reception to Year 7

The ‘How to Behave at the Theatre’ film could be a valuable tool ahead of theatre visits. These resources have been designed for young children and their teachers to make the most out of attending a production at Norwich Theatre Royal and are directly aimed at those who may not have experienced attending a production in a theatre before.

Teacher Tube link: Click here to watch the 'how to behave' video on Teacher Tube

This video is part of the ongoing Theatre Access Project (T.A.P) partnership between Norwich Theatre Royal and Norse.