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Masterclass with Protein

Friday 4th May 2018, 4.30 - 7.30pm 

Workshop | Stage Two

Workshops & Courses
Masterclass with Luca Silvestrini
Designed for vocational students studying dance, musical theatre or physical theatre, professional performers and choreographers. This unique masterclass, delivered by artistic director Luca Silvestrini, will offer delegates an insight into the way in which Luca creates extraordinary dance from ordinary life for his company Luca Silvestrini’s Protein. The masterclass will explore creative practice and choreography, repertoire, contemporary technique, improvisation and spoken word.
Recommended Ages 16 years +
Comfortable clothing and footwear are advised to allow for movement during the masterclass. Please bring a water bottle with you.
Protein’s Border Tales will be performed at Norwich Playhouse on May 5th. Book tickets at http://www.norwichplayhouse.co.uk/whats-on/detail/border-tales