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Getting Involved

Hold an event for us

If you would like to fundraise on our behalf or organise your own event we have put together a small community fundraising pack with some ideas and support. Every penny that you raise will help us reach our target.

Click here to download our Community Fundraising Pack (PDF)

Click here for more information on Gift Aid

Get everything you need to make your event a success - download our Community Fundraising Pack or contact development on 01603 598558

Charity of the Year

A Charity of the Year partnership with Norwich Theatre Royal is a fantastic way to motivate and unite your employees while helping us raise vital funds and awareness for our cause.

We believe we are the ideal partner for a Charity of the Year initiative. Whether you have one or one hundred offices‚ sites or stores‚ we can provide a tailor-made operational structure to deliver your key objectives

Matched Funding

Matched funding is where a company offers to donate an amount of money to your fundraising efforts.

This can either match the amount that you’ve raised or be a fixed amount agreed up front.

Companies reap great benefits because matched funding can help them achieve their Corporate Social Responsibility targets, as well as reduce the amount of corporate tax they pay.

Not all companies are able to offer matched funding, and all the companies that do offer it approach it in different ways. So we may need to get in touch with your employer directly to make it work. We also need to make sure that the donation from your company relates to your fundraising efforts.

To let us know if your company is sending us money, or if you just want to find out more, please contact us on 01603 598558.