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Tuesday 24th April - Saturday 28th April 2018
Drama | Stage Two

FROGMAN - is a 60 minute live theatre experience mixed with Virtual Reality. FROGMAN is a world-first for theatre, combining three spellbinding story-telling techniques: Virtual Reality headsets with binaural sound. Over an hour, audiences will experience a story told using techniques which plunge them into the heart of the environment.

Summer, 1995. Great Barrier Reef, Australia.
Meera is 11. It’s her first sleepover with Lily and Shaun. The three friends record songs from the radio onto cassette, play games on SEGA Mega Drive and swap fragments of coral. Outside, police divers hover over the moonlit Great Barrier Reef, searching for a missing girl, Ashleigh Richardson.

Winter, 2018. Sydney, Australia.
23 years later, following the emergence of new evidence, the investigation into the disappearance of Ashleigh Richardson is reopened.
Meera is a coral reef scientist. A detective interrupts her research and forces her to excavate her past.

FROGMAN is a coming-of-age thriller exploring motherhood and the fragility of the childhood imagination.

A ground-breaking Virtual Reality/live theatre hybrid from the ever questioning boundary-pushing, Norwich-based, curious directive.
"curious directive are theatre pioneers" (The Daily Telegraph – 2017)
Strictly 12+

An introduction to Virtual Reality (VR) and how theatre-making can be used to tell digital stories. VR Film Making Workshop