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We are committed to making Norwich Theatre Royal – the people, the building, our services – accessible & welcoming to all.

Norwich Theatre Royal offers:

For more specific information relating to disability access facilities at Norwich Theatre Royal:
  • Click here to download a pdf version of our Access Guide
  • Click here to download an audio guide to our facilities and services
  • Click Here or view below our signed version of our Access Guide

Guide/Assistance Dogs

  • Registered assistance dogs are welcome.
  • Guide/ Assistance dogs can be taken into the auditorium. Please mention this when booking and you'll be offered an aisle seat and told about any special effects that might affect your dog's comfort. Alternatively, guide dogs can be left in the care of front-of-house staff.

Hearing Headsets & Enhancements

  • Headsets amplifying the sound from the stage are available to borrow from the foyer. For patrons with hearing aids that incorporate the ‘T’ setting, necklace hearing loops are also available from the foyer.

Disabled Access

  • There is lift access to all floors of Norwich Theatre Royal. The Circle level of the auditorium is raked with steps between each row. Please let us know if you have any mobility needs and we'll be happy to advise you about the most appropriate seating in the Circle. There is a raised area at the rear of the Stalls, with separate access, which users of motorised wheelchairs or those with high backs may find more convenient.
  • There are six accessible toilets throughout the building. Certain seats in the Stalls and Circle across all price bands are removable to accommodate wheelchairs and tickets in these spaces are half price to the person using the wheelchair and one companion (excl lowest price) - early booking is advisable.
  • If you have an essential carer accompanying you to the Theatre Royal, then please let the Box Office know as they will be able to offer your companion a half price discount on their ticket (excludes lowest price band).
  • For further details Box Office (01603) 630000 or email us.

For more information on access to the Theatre Royal building, or if you require any further help arranging your visit, please let us know - call the Front of House office on (01603) 598540 or email us.


- Certain shows will be signed.  A signer stands on or near the stage throughout the performance interpreting the show into British Sign Language. 
- At these performances top price seats are half price for customers who are deaf or hard of hearing, the same concession offered to one companion. This discount is not available online.
- For further details, please ask at the Box Office (01603) 630000 or email us

Click here for a list of signed performances
Click here for a signed film about forthcoming signed performances


- Certain shows will be captioned.  Screens to either side of the stage relay the words and lyrics as they are delivered.  Sound effects are included. 
- At these performances top price seats are half price for customers who are deaf or hard of hearing, the same concession offered to one companion.  This discount is not available online. 
- For further details, please ask at the Box Office (01603) 630000 or email us

Click here for a list of captioned performances
Click here to watch a short film on captioned performances


Audio Described

- Certain shows will be audio described.  A description is given live throughout the performance of the visual aspects of the show.  Patrons requiring this service wear discreet headphones (supplied on free loan from the Welcome Point in the Foyer).  Where possible, an audio introduction (describing the settings, characters and costumes) will be available to download from our website 10 days beforehand and we’ll invite you to join us at a touch tour on stage (to explore the stage space, set and selected props and costumes).
- Top price seats at all performances are half price for those registered blind or partially sighted and this concession is offered to one companion. For further details please ask at the Box Office (01603) 630000.
- Audio introductions may be available, on request, for shows which are not audio described. These are available from the third performance onwards of a show. Please pre-book at least one week in advance of the show by telephone to the Front of House office on (01603) 598540 email us.

Click here for a list of audio described performances and to download audio introductions
Click here for an audio guide to Access facilities and services at Norwich Theatre Royal

Below is a short film about Audio Description, created for Mind's Eye by Vincent Abbey Photography.

Touch Tours

  • Touch tours are offered before most audio described performances.
  • They offer an opportunity to visit the stage and explore the space under the guidance of the Audio Describer. Selected costumes and props may also be available for patrons to touch. An invitation to join a touch tour will be sent to everyone booking for the audio description service.
  • The tour is FREE and lasts about 20 minutes. Please let us know if you're coming to the tour on your own as we will arrange for a member of our front of house staff to accompany you.


- Certain shows will be advertised as having a ‘relaxed performance’.  These offer a supportive and relaxed environment throughout the theatre and are especially suited to those with autism and a wide range of disabilities.
- Patrons are free to move around and to make noise during these performances. Members of Autism Anglia work alongside our trained staff at these performances.
- Please note that these performances cannot be booked online.  We’d like to speak with you when booking to ensure we fully meet your needs.
- Contact the Box Office 01603 630000 to book tickets or Front of House to ask a question to discuss a pre-visit.
- Click here to view our latest Visual Story for Sleeping Beauty.

Dementia Friendly Performances

- Norwich Theatre Royal has joined Norwich City Dementia Action Alliance collaborating with a growing number of local organisati ons and businesses who together are working towards making our fine city a dementia friendly one too.
- As part of our membership, we have committed to an ongoing staff training programme to raise awareness and understanding of dementia.  We are also investigating ways of making what we do dementia friendly.
- Dementia-friendly performances offer a safe and relaxed experience for those living with dementia. Theatre staff have received awareness training to become Dementia Friends and will be supportive and understanding in their welcome.
- During the performance, the lights inside the theatre will remain on at a low level, sound levels will be monitored and any special effects softened to ensure the experience remains comfortable for everyone. Depending on the nature of the production, performers may interact directly with the audience, encouraging people to sing-a-long if there are well-known melodies.
- Please Note - Dementia-friendly performances are not available to book online and If someone needs an essential carer to accompany them, the carer’s ticket will be half price.
- If you or a loved one is affected by dementia and you would like help in planning a visit to Norwich Theatre Royal please contact our Box Office on (01603) 630000 or e-mail us.