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Environmental Work

Over the last ten years we have stayed dedicated to embedding environmental sustainability into all operations and activities at Norwich Theatre Royal and we have achieved reductions in many areas.

The Green Team

Norwich Theatre Royal is committed to improving its impact on the environment. For the 9th consecutive year we have achieved a Creative Green award from Julie’s Bicycle and are delighted to have been awarded a 5 star rating for our work during 2018/19.

Since we started recording data in 2008/09 we have reduced:

  • Energy per performance by 77%

  • Waste to landfill by 79%

  • Water Use by 3%

Norwich Theatre Royal recognises that technology and infrastructure alone won’t minimise the impact we have on the environment – it needs people. We have a strong commitment from our staff to champion a sustainable culture, which is critical to realising our environmental aims

Our mission within the theatre is to encourage innovation, foster a culture of resourcefulness, create a forum where ideas can be tested and practices can be challenged, and support new ways of working. Using our position in Norwich as civic and cultural leaders we will engage with the local community and encourage our audiences to play a part in reducing our effect on the environment.

For more information please contact our Environmental Champion:
Helen Tully

Front of House Manager
Environmental Champion

Our work so far

With the support from the environmental champion and the commitment from all the staff at the theatre we have been able to achieve some amazing results. We continue to develop the staff Green Team and involved them in campaigns

This year's highlights include:

  • Winners  of the 2019 Creative Green Improvemnet award
  • Ten Years of recording data and reducing our impact on the environment
  • Encouraging other venues to join the climate change action, providing support and guidance
  • Collaborating with New Adventures and Sadler’s Well’s to improve the environmental challenges between receiving venues and touring companies
  • Engaging with visitors through our environmental Open Day activity
  • Commissioned a local artist to create an art installation made from recycled and reused materials
  • Continuing our high levels of recycling with only 2% of waste going to landfill
  • Raising awareness of our activities with staff through the Green Team

Here are some of the changes we have made around the building:

  • All Front of House spot lights have been changed from 50W bulbs to 4W LED lights . We have also installed movement sensors for the lights in all front of house toilets so they only come on when people are in the room.
  • The taps in the toilets are all push button so they are never left running and the flushes are all dual flush, with an Eco Flush sticker to encourage water saving.
  • We separate all our waste and an average of 98% is recycled , this includes having food waste bins for staff and mixed recycling inside the auditorium.
  • We use rechargeable batteries in our radio mics and encourage touring productions to collect and donate their old batteries to the Hamlet Centre so they can use them to their full potential. Some of the big productions can use up to 75 batteries a show and they will only use them once!
  • We source our food and drink locally.
  • We have signed up to a 100% renewable energy tariff .
  • Replaced our old 1972 boilers with new more energy efficient ones
  • Our Ice Cream tubs are made from paper and hold a wooden spoon, completely plastic free
  • Our straws  are 100% compostable

Our Environmental Policy

Click here to view our Environmental Policy

Meet The Green Team

This cadre of like-minded individuals will strive to engage, encourage and support all of their colleagues in reducing the theatre’s environmental impact. They are not the eco police, not protestors nor are they activists but merely informers.

Coming from a whole range of departments to help Helen reach everyone at the theatre. They act as an extension to what Helen is already doing, as well as giving her support and ideas from the individual staff.

Our Awards and Certifications

Norwich Theatre Royal won the Improvement Award at the 2019 Creative Green Awards for our efforts to reduce our impact on the environment over the last ten years.

Julies Bicycle and Industry Green

Norwich Theatre Royal has been awarded a Creative Green Certification from Julies Bicycle for the 9th year running in recognition of its commitment to managing its carbon and improving its environmental impacts.

Creative Green certification is developed by Julie's Bicycle for music, theatre and the wider creative industries. By achieving Creative Green certification Norwich Theatre Royal is joining the UK creative industries' response to climate change and environmental sustainability.


During 2018/19 we accomplished a 5 out of 5 star rating:

Our key strengths include:

- Our exceptional commitment to sustainability within management and staff.
- Measuring our environmental impact beyond the Creative Green scope.
- Achieving brilliant results in the reduction of our carbon emissions
- Our excellent engagement measures with staff and audiences.

Theatre Royal's Creative Industry Report
For more information please download the Creative Green report. The assessment of Norwich Theatre Royal’s carbon emissions covered data from 2008/09 to 2018/19 and includes emissions from energy, water, and waste.

Click here to view the Creative Industry Green report (PDF)›

For more information please contact Helen Tully, Environmental Champion h.tully@theatreroyalnorwich.co.uk

For more information about Creative Industry Green and Julie's Bicycle please visit www.juliesbicycle.com