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Technical Information

Download Technical Documents

This area is aimed at visiting companies, creative teams, actors and stage management.

Theatre Royal Norwich

Click on the links below to download the following technical files:

NTR Technical Specification (PDF) (updated 24.10.17)
NTR Technical CAD  (CAD, Zipped)
NTR Theatre Plans (PDF)
Included in the PDF:
  • Various Scale Stage Plans
  • Stage and Auditorium Plans
  • Stage and Auditorium Sections
  • Pros Elevation
  • Various Pit Layouts
  • Grid Floor Plan
  • Grid Overhead Steelwork Plan
  • Dock Plan
  • Stalls Mixing Positions
  • Stage Trap Plan
FOH LX - Plan (PDF)
Stalls Mixing Position (PDF)
Dressing Room - Plan (PDF)

Technical Staff

For all Technical Enquiries please contact:

Technical Director
Will Hill 01603 598550

Lighting Manager
Ian Greeves 01603 598560

Dep. Lighting Manager
Darren Male

Head Flyman
Mark Bobbitt

Sound Technician
Darren Fuller

Stage Technician
Richard Ducker